arrival of products


After contacting us about your order, send your items directly to our photography studio.

Once they arrive safely with us, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and the process can now begin!


The Photography

Each item is carefully prepped and steamed by our team of photographers, ready for shooting.

We take extra special care in making sure your clothing looks the most complimentary and saleable as possible!

steaming and prepping clothing products
file proofs of images

Post-Production & Proofs

Each image is passed onto our editing team—who are dedicated to making sure your images are of the highest quality!

Proofs are then created and sent to you for approval.



Final Images

Once your invoice is complete, all of your fully edited images will be uploaded and sent to you directly—ready to download and use as you please!

final image photography shots
returning stock to client


Return Stock

Your items are then carefully packed away and returned to you, it's as simple as that!

This was my first photo shoot for a new venture and Raw Studios was recommended to me by an established company. Garry was really approachable and helpful from the start. As some one new to this he was very supportive and flexible and I really appreciated his advice and suggestions. The results were great, very professional and really brought the clothes to life. I am very much looking forward to working with Raw Studios again. Thanks Garry!
— Elaine Emery - Kooky Station


What is your turnaround time?

We have a 5-10 working day turnaround starting on the date your items arrive with us. 

What if I only have a small number of items to send?

We aim to help everyone, please email us with details about your small order

Do you have other options available such as side and 3/4 views?

Yep! We can tailor our services to fit your specific needs! Just contact us to discuss further.

Can I use the images where I want including print?

Yes, the images we create  are web and print ready and can be used anywhere for as long as you want!

Do you offer any graphic services using the items I send?

Yes, our creative team is capable of offering services such as website banners, social media promotional images, ecommerce composits, gifs, and promotional videos!
We also offer retouching services and general photo editing.

How and where do I send my items?

Just post your items to our studio using the courier of your choice making sure your details are clear for us to identify.

Once they arrive we'll notify you via email! 

Do you shoot items other than clothing?

Yes, anything you can send to us we can shoot!

What file types are the images provided in?

We provide files in .JPG by default but we are able to provide you with any file type you require .PSD .PNG .TIFF etc.

Can I use my own model?

Sure, a booking can be arranged with us for your own model to visit the studio for a shoot.

Can I order model and invisible mannequin shots using the same items?

Certainly! We shoot everything in the same studio so your items can be shot on a model and on a mannequin.