At RAW Studios Photography we specialise in clothing photography with a focus on invisible / ghost mannequins, fashion pack shots and model ecommerce imagery. Our team of photographers, designers and editors are constantly striving to create the highest quality imagery with emphasis on consistency and a fast turnaround.

Our photography studio has over 10 years experience with expertise in shooting clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery, scarves and much more, including items outside of the fashion industry. Our goal is to provide clothing and website photography at its finest so every image that leaves our studio helps sell your products on-line - EMAIL NOW For a complimentary trial.


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We have been selling women’s clothing online for many years and have never used cut-out images. Everybody was very helpful and professional and the results were amazing. The clothes look fantastic! We will be back for more!
— Ingrid - BOX2

If you are in the fashion business and need a clothing photographer in Manchester, Aberdeen, London or anywhere in the UK, to conveniently photograph your products, send them to Raw Studios Photography. We specialise in product imagery and have more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality product photography services to a variety of fashion retailers.

Ghost mannequin photography is the most popular and versatile way to showcase clothing on your website. It is commonly used by e- Commerce businesses. However, not all businesses have the resources to invest in their own photography department or have the time to oversee this essential service, this is where can help out.

We use a number of editing techniques for every product that we photograph. Using our photography skills and techniques, we make sure your customers get the right first impression of your products.

Why choose us for ghost mannequin photography?

·   We provide high quality cut- outs and invisible mannequin photography services.

·   All images are quality controlled to add a consistent, neat & saleable look to your website

·   We have creativity, technical skills and work as an efficient team to shoot and deliver high-definition product images.

·   We have a fast turnaround time of 3 to 5 working days.

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No matter how large or small your product line is, we are the best at what we do. Get a free trial at Raw Studios Photography for ghost mannequin photography today! Call us now at: T: 01253 292 436 or M: 07955 306345.