Our clothing photographers servicing London are dedicated to making your garments look their best with high-end photography techniques

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Raw Studios Photography is the right place to come to when you are searching for clothing photographers in London and with the help of our professionals you can be sure that your clothes will look nothing short of perfect.

A service that caters to your needs:

At Raw Studios Photography, we deliver high-end results due to our focus on using photography techniques developed over years and the latest digital equipment. Whether you want a few photographs for your ecommerce site or want us to help you make an entire catalogue, we can tailor our services according to your needs.

Our clothing photographers have been trained to the highest of standards and have numerous projects on their portfolios. They can be trusted to make your clothes stand out and will ensure that your vision for your product shoot is realised.

Getting the right photographs greatly depends upon the equipment being used. We use top of the line photographic equipment and editing software that is guaranteed to deliver professional results. Attention is paid to the minutest detail to ensure all aspects of your product stand out.

With our creative photos, you will be sure to experience a boost in the sale of the product you are marketing. With the best possible results, we help to transform and drive your business.

People who are more comfortable with online shopping rely completely on the photos that are being provided on their webpages. This is why we capture and edit the photos in such a way that they enhance every feature of the product.

We can provide clothing photographs for:

  •  Ecommerce sites
  •  Brand webpages
  •  Marketing campaigns
  •  Advertisemen
  •  PR
  •  Brochure ads
  •  Look books
  •  Catalogues

From small businesses to global companies, we have helped our clients present their products to their customers via our services. We work hard to make sure that all the effort and designing that you have put into the garments conveys your unique style and reflects nicely on your brand name.

Contact us:

If you are searching for high quality clothing photographers, then just give us a call at: 01253 292436 / 07955 306345 or email garry@rawstudiosphotography.com