If you are looking for ecommerce photographers in London, Birmingham or anywhere in the UK, then send us your products and get them professionally photographed

Sales on an ecommerce website are greatly attributed to the quality of the photos of the products. If the photos don’t grab the attention of your prospective customers, then no matter how amazing your products are, you will not be able to convert browsers into buyers. If you are looking for professional ecommerce photographers in London, Cardiff or anywhere in the UK, get in touch with Raw Studios Photography.

When it comes to the photos for an ecommerce website, we promise to provide our customers with vibrant and high definition quality that give your online sales a boost. At Raw Studios Photography, we don’t just take the photos of the product and upload them online. The photos undergo a proper procedure involving editing, retouching, formatting and an approval from the customer.

Whatever style you want to choose for your ecommerce website, we cater to your exact needs. If you are confused between different styles, then here are a few pieces of information to consider before making the final choice:

You can opt for flat lay photography for your products if you prefer a non 3 dimensional look to your clothes. At Raw Studios Photography our photographers carefully lay your items flat on the studio floor. Before taking the shots, they style your garments so they look more appealing and their unique features stand out.

The most versatile way of shooting your clothes that exhibits all the features especially the shape and fit of your product is ghost photography. These can be used for web, print & are favoured by magazines.

One of the most popular ways of displaying garments on an ecommerce website is using model photography. It shows the real life fitting of the clothes or a person using the product. It makes it easier for people to visualize the clothes on themselves, as well as accurately estimate the length and size etc. Ask for more details about our model ecommerce service

Get in Touch:

All you need to do is send us the stock that you need to be photographed by professional ecommerce photographers and leave the rest to us. We have a fast turnaround time of 3-5 working days. For consultation, feel free to contact us at TEL: 01253 292436   / 07955 306345 or email garry@rawstudiosphotography.com