Highlight the features of your products with our ghost mannequin clothing photography for brands in London

How the product looks in a picture contributes greatly to how it sells. So if you are in the fashion business and own a clothing company, your photos need to have the ‘wow’ factor that makes them stand apart from the rest. At Raw Studios Photography, we showcase the unique features of your garments with the help of ghost mannequin clothing photography in London. With our extensive experience, knowledge and technical prowess, we make sure that your garments look their best on every digital or print medium.

Ghost mannequin photography: An overview  

In the last two decades, online shopping has increased tremendously. People opt to buy clothes online from the comfort of their homes. Due to this, the competition among retailers has increased and everybody is trying hard to showcase their products as best they can.

We provide your customers with a better shopping experience with our exquisite clothing photos. With our ghost photography, we allow the customers to view the items in a 3D environment so they can look at each and every USP of the garment with the unique features of the garment are highlighted. With the help of our creative photographers and editors, we bring your clothes to life and make them look flawless.

At Raw Studios Photography, our photographers are the best in the field and are experts in making clothing products look realistic. They can easily bring out the shapes, shades and features of the garments to life with the help of their skills. Your potential customers will be easily able to imagine how the chosen clothing item would look on them and how the texture would feel.

Not only do we make the clothes look great but we give them a truly realistic feel as well. With the help of garment manipulation and the creative vision of our photographers, you can be sure that the products will look nothing but perfect.

Our standard charges for one piece of garment are from £9.45 + VAT and we deliver the project in the short time frame of just 3 to 5 working days. From professional retouching to correction of images, we make sure that our service is a one-stop solution for your fashion photography needs. If you want to book us, call us now: 01253 292436 / 07955 306345 or email garry@rawstudiosphotography.com