Raw Studios Photography offers fashion photography packages for online businesses

At Raw Studios Photography we believe that exceptional digital imagery is very important in the growth of an online business. We provide creative content for the promotion of e-commerce websites and social media advertisements.

With over ten years of experience in photographing accessories and fashion items like clothing, jewellery, scarves, bags, shoes and much more, we provide high definition images of products that are sold online.

We have a team of professional photographers, designers and image editors at our photography studios, that create quality photographs with emphasis on attention to detail, creativity and efficiency.

Raw Studios Photography specialise in:

·         Invisible / Ghost Mannequin Shots

·         Product Pack Shots

·         Model E-commerce Imagery

Invisible / Ghost Mannequins:

There are many benefits of invisible/ ghost mannequin photography.

Benefits of ghost mannequins:

·         Cost effective

·         Quick turnaround time (3-5 Working days)

·         No minimum order requirement

·         Showcases the features of the garment

·         Shows how the item is tailored and how it would look when worn

We create the finest images with the help of ghost mannequins, that attract the customer’s attention easily.

Product Pack Shots:

If you are looking forward to converting browsers into buyers, our fashion pack shot photography is what you need. Our creative designers, photographers and editors know how to increase sales, reduce abandoned carts and returns by delivering premium quality pack shots that help your products stand out from your competition.

Model E-commerce Imagery:

Model e-commerce imagery makes persuading online visitors to make a purchase twice as easy. The aim of this technique is to sell the lifestyle and brand. It helps the visitor determine if the product is right for them simply by engaging more with the photographs on your website, with a choice of models to select from this is a great service to add value to your website.

Get in touch:

High quality imagery is necessary to give your online sales a boost and create brand awareness. Whether you are in Manchester, London or anywhere else in the UK, it’s super easy to use our service.  Contact us now at: 01253 292 436 or 07955 306345. Or E-mail us for a complimentary trial at: garry@rawstudiosphotography.com.